June 12, 2011

2011 - The Summer of, eh, Work?

A year ago I wrote about our preview of the online social video editing software Creaza. Even though the social video editing service for consumers is still in closed beta, we have had two fun milestones lately:
  • A two page article in Norway's largest business newspaper (DN), focusing on the big plans/hopes, the software itself and launch of the US company, Creaza Inc.
  • Creaza was one of three startups that won the judges attention at a Plug and Play Expo in Silicon Valley recently, as Techcrunch noted
This could mean that we need even more scaling capabilities (we currently have user numbers in the hundreds of thousands on the educational version, a different ball game than if we get millions of active users) sooner rather than later.

That, and for me personally two-three other projects in an intense phase for other customers, could easily mean extra work this summer. Anyway, I just booked plane tickets for doing a late August road trip from New Orleans to NYC and I am also going to visit the Sziget Festival in Budapest, so no complaining! But I think we are in for an interesting summer of work and fun before that...

Full disclosure: I am a member of the board at Inspera, that holds a majority ownership position in Creaza AS and (directly and indirectly through Creaza AS) controls 52% of Creaza Inc.