November 18, 2014

Singapore Sling(shot)

We are continuing our internationalization efforts with Most recently with participation in Innovation Norway’s Tech Incubator program at JFDI in Singapore. So for the next three weeks, I am discussing with potential partners and collaborators in the South East Asian market.

I am old (or young?) enough to be truly amazed by how global the world has become (I wrote a separate post on the practicalities of this globalization for a small firm some time ago). Tomorrow I am meeting a potential partner that contacted me about two years ago and we have done several Skype demos and project discussions in the meantime. Still - even with all our electronic tools, there is nothing like meeting face to face, so exciting day tomorrow.

If you happen to read this and are in the area and want to meet for a coffee to discuss something interesting, give me a ping (+47 91741574, sbjorneb on Skype or on local cellphone +65 9166 5766).