October 23, 2013

If you cannot keep up with one blog? Start another!

If you cannot keep up with one blog, it might not seem like a super tactic to start another... Anyway, if not exactly started, we have lately published more frequently to our company blog at blog.tapbookauthor.com.

Wanted to mention it here, in case you wanted to have a look. Not that I have a lot of traffic, but to paraphrase my philosophy regarding exercise: Any additional traffic is better than none at all.

And about that "not keeping up"-part, I actually have managed not to be all that far from my original goal of posting maybe once per month (OK, sometimes not really close either). I do admire people like Fred Wilson posting something quite insightful each and every day, but that was never my goal when starting blogging. And that the focus of the posts here have shifted a bit from lean project management and into entrepreneurship is just fine and reflects my current focus at work, which was exactly what I promised to do. OK, probably thinking and writing too much right now - will stop. :-) Would be cool if you checked out the TapBookAuthor Blog.