August 19, 2012

WeVideo named one of the most exciting startups in Norway

I just picked up that WeVideo was named #1 (or at least first mentioned among top 10!) of the most exciting startups in Oslo. So it seems you can be a prophet in your own land after all?

As a matter of fact: In two weeks I will travel to work a few days on site in Palo Alto (I help WeVideo a bit as a consultant). After about 15 years working with the software and business in various forms, I am finally heading towards software Mecca to actually work (study trips and vacations does not count!). Looking forward to it.

The current process in WeVideo is to become more independent of mother company Inspera. With the HQ now in Palo Alto, even if I am sure they are even more exciting at this time next year, that might be the reason if they are not in the list then. Anyway, it is buzzing with activity both in Oslo, Timisoara (Romania) and Palo Alto these days, so keep watching the company for news to come the next few months as well.