July 12, 2016

Hats off to Microsoft

This is a blog post I kind over never thought I'd write, as I thought of MS being stuck in the old world with Office products, Sharepoint and struggling even with the latest Windows versions. As an example I was testing Azure two years ago and it was very clunky and not really a serious contender to Amazon's AWS feature-wise.

Fast forward to today. Nadella's MS seems to be very real about being on all kinds of devices and Azure is elegant and efficient - I'd say very close to being on-par with AWS (which I also love, by the way), even for us that is basically mainly a Linux-based shop on the server side. And locally we see a quite new humbleness in the organization of the giant and a willingness to work with and help startups.

So hats off to Microsoft. Well done. Be sure to keep on improving.

Full disclosure: My firm has received some free usage of Azure via MS's Bizspark Plus program and this is the way I got to use Azure more again, but the sense of radical improvement is very real.