January 12, 2009

Introducing the “Brief tip” series

I am today kicking of a series of posts, aiming at a total of maybe 10, containing practical tips for day-to-day work managing projects in general and software development projects in particular.

Some of the posts will include a specific tool, procedure or checklist, but most will be more general in nature. Hopefully they will all be thought-provoking. After all, I do not believe in any silver bullet procedure for ensuring top quality project management or software development. That being said, procedures and checklists can help a top quality project manager when used with thought. :-)

I will be writing the posts in a roughly prioritized order (meaning that I write a piece when I find the time and about a topic not yet covered!). I hope you will find them useful, and look forward to your comments even if you don’t agree, or maybe particularly if that is the case.

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