December 30, 2008

Welcome to my blog about project management and related topics

This is my very first attempt at a blog, which can be found a or just for short. After more than ten years in the Internet and software industry, you might want to consider me late or even slow. Or maybe I’ve just been busy. I think that sounds better, let’s go with busy.

My focus will be on IT-related projects, both software development and other types. The focal point of my interest is on the linking of business and technology, so this is also probably where most of the topics of my writings will be. I might also write some pieces on other stuff more or less related that interests me, such as software business models and negotiations. My aim is that the content should be of practical use, and actually change the way you view, participate in and manage projects.

I am not very ambitious in terms of volume of articles, but I will try to post a handful of small articles during 2009. I also have a little idea for some very short and practical oriented pieces called “Brief Tip” that I hope you’ll find useful.

I look forward to learn from your comments.

Welcome to my blog.


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