December 30, 2008

What’s in a name?

During my time in the software business I have heard the term “code monkey” several times. Sometimes it has been in a negative, patronizing tone. Other times it has been uttered with an ironic touch, often with quite a bit of pride, by the developer doing the actual “monkey work”. In my world this type of work is not at all dirty, but a form of art – comparable to the finest furniture carpenters or perhaps of designing and building Swiss clocks from scratch that will then work perfectly “forever”.

My belief is that the role of the developer is not as any kind of slave to the project manager. In fact, it is rather the opposite way around – the role of the project manager is to make sure any obstacles (impediments, if you want to Scrumify this a bit) that stops the developers building great software are removed as quickly as possible. In this light, it is the project manager that is the slave of the developers – the real stars of any software development project – and thus the name of my blog, The Project Management Monkey.


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