May 8, 2010

Startup idea generator

I stumbled across the startup idea generator today. It tweets a brilliant (?) new business idea every five seconds or so. Very much buzzword compliant. Content asymptotic towards zero, but that is not always a problem, is it? Idea 1 025 431 (yep, over a million and counting) was for instance "Enable Twitter-connected technologies to solve the problem of crowdsourced communities".

Come to think of it, some of my e-business students will probably argue that the lingo of business is just like this... I'll share one piece of anonymous feedback from their survey:
  • Worst thing about the subject: That we have to have it!
  • Best thing about the subject: That we are done with it!
Oh, I like the joy of teaching! :-) Seriously, I think I do - and for the record: There were some encouraging pieces of feedback in there as well.

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